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In the mid 60's I had a encounter with three UFO's. While laying on the floor watching TV, I noticed a Orange to Red, shaped like a teardrop, glowing object going over the corner of may parents house. The object was around 25 feet high and 30 feet long. It was just barely moving over the house and just a few feet above it. I got up and told my parents to look outside. I also yelled to my sister who was in her bedroom to come out and see what we were looking at. I then went over to the front door and went outside onto the front porch.
   The sphere was only moving at a mile or two per hour. As it moved away two more objects just like the first one came from over the house and were in a Triangular formation with the first one.
   My Parents own 14 acres next to a pond called Black Pond. I now own a Business Called White Pond Drive Thru. which is about half a mile up the road on the corner of Lakeland Ave. witch is also the same road my parents live on. It is called White Pond Drive Thru because it is across the street from the pond White Pond.  You might say we live at the Yen and Yang Ponds.
   The UFOs continued at there slow rate of speed just above the telephone lines until they got up to about where White Pond Drive Thru. is. The lead UFO then took off towards Cuyahoga falls it took like a long curve going then streight up into the stars and disappearing out of sight in about 3 seconds. You have to realize that this was miles it traveled in just seconds. The other UFO's one at a time did the exact same path and speed one at a time.
   That evening I was watching Chanel 8 news and they reported people were calling in to the news Chanel and were reporting the same sighting I had seen that very evening. Below is a interesting Link Anton Wilson and Rabbits!

Anton Wilson UFO's & Rabbits

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