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In September of 1973 my to be Brother In Law, rode his motorcycle to Ohio from North Carolina to visit my sister Nancy. His motorcycle caught on fire at a gas station in Ohio.

A friend of mine, Mike Penrod said he would trailer his bike back to Carolina Beach North Carolina if he would take him Deep Sea Fishing.At the time I wasn't working so I went with them to North Carolina.

At the same time I was in North Carolina some friends of mine were vacationing at Hilton Head South Carolina. Hilton Head is a few hundred miles from Carolina Beach North Carolina. I got the bright Idea I was going to Hitch Hike to Hilton Head and find my friends by walking around the Beech of the Island. So off I went Hitch Hiking to Hilton Head to find my friends that I new were on this Island, several hundred miles from where I was. My friend Mike went back to Ohio after Deep Sea fishing. So off I went hitch hiking several hundred miles to Hilton Head South Carolina.

There was only one road that got you over to the island. I had been hitch hiking most of the day and was getting very tired of doing so. I wasn't having any luck getting a ride on the Island and got very tired of trying. Finally I waved a person down and asked him if he would give me a ride because there wasn't much traffic going over to the Island. The Gentleman said sure get in. I told him I had come down to the Island to find some friends and I didn't have a clue where they were at.

 He had just got out of the service and was trying to find a friend of his that was suppose to be working on a Yacht, he had know Idea where his people were either. You have to keep in mind this is before Cell Phones so we had no way of contacting our friends we were both just on a mission of faith that it could be done. 

We stopped at a gas station and asked the attendant where a person would vacation at on the Island. He then said are you two crazy and told us how big the Island was and that the whole Island was nothing but resort type places. This is when I realized I had just hiked to a place as big as a good size city and didn't stand a chance of finding my people. The Gentleman I was with was going to California if he couldn't find who he was looking for. He then said let's give it a try. I had nothing better to do because I knew that once off the Island I would have to hitch hike back to North Carolina.

 So off we went driving across the Island. We had absolutely no certain destination in mind and new nothing about the Island. He kept driving an even turning on to different roads and went across the Island to the South East Corner of the Island. All of a sudden I saw this gate guarded entrance to a place call Sea Pines it had a registration building outside of the entrance that let you into a private community of living. I said go to building I wanted to see if it was a place to register in at. I went inside and the place was getting ready to close. I asked if the Freemans were registered there and guess what, they were there. I told the desk clerk what had just happen to me. They were closing and he lived inside the Community. He said he would take me right to where they were staying at and let me surprise them as to how I got there. 

To say the least I told my guiding Angel who brought me across the Island thank you and we were both in amazement of what had just accrued. Now I know that creation had a hand in all that happened. My friend said he was heading to California and Goodbye.

I got to stay with the Freemans for a week and they brought me back home to Akron Ohio.Now that was fate hard at work!


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