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The first time I found out that the Rabbit I Chased in 1963 was the same Rabbit as the Alice In Wonderland Rabbit was while I was attending College at Akron University. The reason I feel  that the Rabbit carried the Pocket Watch was to let me know that there was coming a Time in the future when I would realize why I had Chased that Rabbit on Easter Morning. 
It was eleven years, I was in a human relations class at Akron U at Schrank Hall which at the that time was on Carroll Street. (Lewis Carroll wrote Alice In Wonderland) In that class I met Jeff Barstow who has remained a friend of mine. Jeff one day told me he had a book he wanted me to read and had me follow him clear across campus to the Library which was on Buchtel Avenue. Jeff handed me Alice In Wonderland. I remember saying you just walked me clear across campus to give me a childes fairy tale. Jeff then proceeded to show me a group of books that were written to explain every chapter of Alice In Wonderland. I then said to him for a book to have so many books written about it must mean it had allot of meaning to it so I took the book home with me to read it.
I didn't start reading the book until I was at home laying in my bed which was the same place I first saw the Rabbit. I opened the book and there was the Rabbit holding the pocket watch just like the one I had chased on Easter morning in 1963. I didn't stop until I had read the entire book.
The Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland looks allot like a Kangaroo because it stands upright. Zippy the Kangaroo is also the mascot for Akron U. Captain Kangaroo when I was a child was on Chanel 8 at 8 in the morning, Bunny Rabbit never spoke and always used sign language to express himself. I remember when I was in High-school my mother bought me a coat made from Kangaroo, it was a very expensive swede Kangaroo coat. The only person I ever new that had one like it was Rex Humbard the preacher from Akron. There is a movie called Artist & Models that has many coincidences regarding my name Eugene Beaty and the Kangaroo and Rabbit in it. Keep in mind that Jerry Lewis plays Eugene who is receiving messages in his dreams regarding a top secret formula that the government has. His girlfriend in the movie is Shirley Mclaine whos' real maiden name is Beaty. There in is my name Eugene Beaty. Here is a excerpt from the movie Artist and Models notice the infinitive mirror room in the movie.

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