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The Move Hop has coincidences relating to me and the Easter Bunny.  EB is the name of the young rabbit that is to become the new Easter Bunny. Eugene Beaty is my name.  Every week while running my business I'm always using my initials EB when accepting invoices at my business, "White Pond Drive Thru".
Fred (James Marsden) who accidentally injures EB, takes him in as he recovers.  Fred finds out EB is to be the Easter Bunny.  He remembers as a child EB dad "the Elder Easter Bunny" had came to his house on Easter Morning leaving a basket of easter candy.  Fred had saved a wrapped Easter Bunny he kept his entire life to remind him of his real experience as a child seeing the real Easter Bunny. Synchronicity at its best having him run into EB with his car and then finding out he is to be the future Easter Bunny years after his experience of seeing the real Easter Bunny!
I can truly relate to this having chased the Easter Bunny on Easter morning in 1963, then having all this Synchronicity happening to me relating to this experience years later.

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