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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland has created new Synchronized experiences for me.   The Rabbit creats the Rabbit Hole they go back to Wonderland In. They land in the Marshmallow Pond which is a White Pond. I own the White Pond Drive Thu that is right across the street from the Pond called White Pond. Yes the White Rabbit seams to have come home one more time.  Yes that Rabbit just love to hang out here at White Pond. I can relate to them sinking in the Marshmallow Pond, that is similar to how White Pond is because of its Peat Humus bottom! If you try to get ot of the Pond from most of the edges its just like the Marshmallow Pond you will sink in the marshy edges!
Then there is the Red Queen.  In real life that would be my Sara with long red hair! Sara was the love of my life until recently until I lost her to another! She had a fourteen year old daughter named Destiny! She was also part of the problem of loosing the Love of my life! You never know someday Wonderland might bring us back together again! We were back together for a short time. She told me the Genie Door trucks were alway where she would be when she was driving around town. That was making her always think of me! I also have had a wine bottle that  is just like the I Dream Of Genie Bottle! I have owned this bottle for over 40 years! My name is Gene and i have relatives that have always called me Genie!

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